Vantage Point

About us

Welcome to The Vantage Point by Elizabeth Chernyak (Issue #1)

We wanted to start the first issue of The Vantage Point with something that would reflect our purpose - building a platform that would provide an opportunity for you to share your voices. We firmly believe that each and every person who walks through our school’s corridors has a voice, there only needs to be a place to use it. And so, for our first issue, we decided to focus on free speech and identity. Who are we? What is our voice? How does the world perceive the idea of having your own mind, opinion, voice, and actually utilizing it to go against the accepted flow of life? We do not want to tell you what is right and what is wrong. We want to prompt you to decide this for yourself… and, how can one measure right or wrong in the first place?..

We are bringing you articles to expand your knowledge on what free speech is, pieces to question your own stance on the extent to which you may be “a sheep”, and a story to delight you accompanied by thought-provoking poetry. You can find a music playlist and, of course, your own responses on how you perceive identity.

We are elated that you are about to embark on this adventure with us. Creating this issue was a pure excitement, and we hope that reading and experiencing what is within each page will incite you to reach a new discovery or thought.

Produced by students from GEMS World Academy Singapore. Contact the team: