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Welcome to the Environment Issue by Elizabeth Chernyak (Issue #4)

Our planet is falling apart. Or, perhaps, to be clearer, we are collectively the reactants destroying the very planet we live on. But, you probably know this, and have heard it said a billion times. “Yes, climate change exists, but I cannot do anything as an individual, so please just let me get back to my normal life,” you may think.

However, in this issue, we decided to tell the story of our Earth from a few different lenses. Yes, we are faced with a grave problem that we must battle, but simply hearing how the turtles are dying may not solve the problem. We wanted to bring to light a variety of perspectives in this issue, including practical ways that you can contribute, or, more precisely, not contribute to the worsening condition of our planet. After all, we are its inhabitants, and we must take care to protect it.

In this issue, you will find an assortment of pieces, bringing to light the disparity in environmental damage felt by different countries, uncovering the truths of fast fashion, and discussing water sustainability. You will also find poetry, tips on how you can help your community, and much more to help you stay educated regarding this issue. We hope you will find something to enjoy as well as ideas to plant in your mind, seeds ready to spring into full bloom!

Keep on saving the turtles!

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