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Welcome to the Change Issue by Elizabeth Chernyak (Issue #3)

Change versus progress. Being hit by a bus and winning the lottery are both “change”, but we wanted to explore what signifies progress within the change. No, we did not talk about winning the lottery nor being hit by a bus, but we dove into the concept of time, change, and, ultimately, what it is that change brings. Is it always progress?

I think we often get lost in believing that our way of thinking is the only pathway and that the unspoken traditions or rules we have are universal. But, as our societies change, we can hope to progress as individuals and communities, striving to understand others’ perspectives and open our minds to possibilities of something other than what has been ingrained in us.

In this issue, you will find a journey through the minds of people in different times, an explanation of what exactly happened in the stock market last month regarding Gamestop, a discussion of progress within governments, and a beautiful poem. We have also added a few fun elements for you to enjoy (and perhaps learn a new aspect of a language!) and hope that you can widen your scope of thought and discover a new piece of excitement within the pages!

I am incredibly excited for you to read this issue.

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